High fermentation beer fermented in the bottle, unfiltered and unpasteurized.
ALC 8,5% ABV – 16,50 gp

Ingredients: water, barley* malt, red berry fruits, barley* flakes, sugar, hops, yeast.
*Contains Gluten.

Serve at 12°C
Size: 37.5 cl e

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Product Description

An amber beer “doppio malto”, brewed with the addition of grape must, as a synthesis of an unusual balance between beer and wine, perceptible in its natural fruitiness.

Already known and appreciated by the Etruscans, then sung by Virgil in the Aeneid, the giacché, variety of a small strip of Sicilian land -between the Ionian Sea and the Strait of Sicily-is a black Berry grape, richly tannic and sweet, has donated to the beer the fresh scents of forest fruits and its chromatic notes.

Nose smells immediately the aroma of ripe grape, along with slight hints of hops that bind harmoniously.
It gives a feeling of sweetness accompanied by a bit of alcohol that brings to life the substantial body.

A meditation beer that however at the table best company to meats, cheeses, desserts, enhancing in particular the chocolate ones.

Sizes: 37.5 cl e



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