The brewery

Located in the hills of the baroque district, in Modica, the craft Microbrewery Rocca dei Conti was born in January of 2010, from the passion for craft beer and the desire to create a product that can arouse the emotion of a authentic, pure and simple taste, thanks to the use of natural ingredients: ” malt, hops, yeast, water … but also time and a lot of passion.”

After significant experience as a homebrewer, experimenting in the small family basement “dammusi modicani”, was born the desire to get organized and start a business that could make known to a wider public the result of our labor.

With this in mind the craft Microbrewery is developping as a unique and open, where the production laboratory is also open for those who simply have the curiosity to discover the history and flavor of a youthful and natural beer that embodies a charm in some way still to be fully discovered.

The purpose that we propose is to bring in a land, Sicily, where the brewing tradition has deep roots, the charm of the glorious tradition of distant lands, returning to nature to taste the ultimate pleasure, and bring into our beers fruits and vegetables, fragrances, flavors and sensations of our land.
In each of our beers you will find our character and the places where we live and that is what we call Sicilian beers.

Our work is selection, method and search of raw materials, scrupulosity in proceedings ensuring our commitment to each and every daily act.

We monitor the entire production by analyzing each batch during and after fermentation to ensure that the final result is the desired one.  All the beers produced are also subjected to sensory analysis by staff members and external assessors. This is demonstrated by the collaborations with various institutions including primarily the Kuaska institute.

We assume responsibility for the entire production cycle of our own beers, starting, of course, from the earth and from the raw materials from which it is generated.


The entire brewery was built with technology solutions that allow control all over the process. In fact, installations of wort production, the cellar of the first and second fermentation, as well as the storage cells are pioneering and equipped with latest equipments.
These building and technological solutions allow significant energy savings and thus contribute to the environment protection.
The Brewery pays much attention to the energy issue. We chose to focus investment in this direction as the construction of a photovoltaic plant with the production and use of energy which enables sustainable development.
The care also in environment sanitizing, the modern bottling and packaging along with a modern system of thermo guarantee maximum care of the production process up to the product in the bottle.


The tasting area is the laboratory where we can deal with our consumers in a direct and outspoken way. Experiments carried out during the production phase make our tasting area a place of feedback; in order to enjoy our beers even more, some simple culinary combinations are proposed which seem today very appreciated!
The tastings begin, for the most passionate or for those who approach for the first time to the world of craft beers, with a tour of the brewery, during which the raw materials used in production process are shown as well as the production phases, coloring everything with a pinch of curiosity and anecdotes about beer.
Each appointment is studied and designed in detail, choosing its “theme” and its menu to match visitors taste, so as to surprise from time to time our guests, making  them understand and experience how all five senses are involved when you approach a pint of craft beer. We made from tasting area a place of worship where we are conveying our passion for good beer.

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