Sicily is a magic island,
scene of history and strong traditions.

The grandeur of this region shall not be taken lightly,
otherwise you risk to get caught on it like in a fisherman’s net.

Birrificio Luca Modica e Fabio Blanco

Luca Modica and Fabio Blanco were tripped up in the tangles of a passion
that started out very casually and turned into deep commitment.

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New features, new faces, with a shape as irregular as the
soul of Sicily: Tarì has remained unchanged since 2010 and
repeats itself to gather momentum and change.

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The Name is a symbol. It has its roots in the nature of a
proud land and promises to become part of its tradition.
In the long history, Tarì changed form and dimensions, but
the craftmanship marked in the imperfection of the irregular
circle keeps being its distinctive feature.

Brash, overbearing, stubborn,
bitter and acrid, sweet and scented:
this is Sicily, this is beer, this is Tarì.