Illustration - Tarì Malvarosa

“Hollyhock flower”

—The Mouse Chaser, this is
how she was called by the
pranksters of the village,
thin nose, acute sense of smell,
small intrusive whisker,
unfeminine one can tell.

Always something on her head,
often a hollyhock flower,
no cherry, hoping that the
scented top would attract
a just man for her to marry.

On a calm night, a lively and
crooked traveller runs into
the plants of her garden:
only one moment and she is
already seduced with a pardon.

She’s wild, he’s charming,
she’s strongly scented,
he’s engaging: From this chance
encounter, it became clear,
was born Tarì Malvarosa,
the special beer—

tarì malvarosa

craft light beer